Threats & Diseases

Bees and all pollinators are in decline. It is not clear what is affecting bees and, in all probability, it is a number of factors.  The intensification of agriculture, the loss of ‘traditional’ meadows (with lots of different plants) and also heather moorlands, means that there are fewer plants for bees.  These changes, coupled with exposure to pesticides and the increasing incidence of parasites (varroa mite) and disease (chalk brood fungus, nosema apis – which invades the gut of a bee) plus climate change mean that bee colonies are at risk.

As advice and treatments are changing all the time we do not give specific advice here on diseases and threats.  However, you can email us or find more advice from the National Bee Unit on BeeBase.

  1. Asian Hornet
  2. Varroa Mite