The most important rule is:  Don’t panic!

Bees reproduce by swarming.  It is one of nature’s wonderful sights, but it can be a bit alarming as thousands of bees are flying and congregating. 

If you think you have a swarm of bees, our advice is to keep your distance and check on these pages to make sure they are honey bees:   Simply click on the picture below to find out more about Bumble Bees, Honey Bees and Wasps. 


BUMBLE BEE                HONEY BEE                               WASP

You will also find more information on the British Beekeepers website at:


If the swarm you’ve found is of honey bees we can arrange for them to be collected for you.  Call one of the numbers shown on the right of any of our pages.

If you have a bumblebee nest, we do not collect or move these.  These are best left alone until winter when the nest will die out naturally.    

We don’t collect or deal with wasps nests either – you will need to find a pest controller if wasps are causing you a problem.